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      The Knowledge Hub Repository of farming resources

      Visit the Knowledge Hub - it gives you access to a range of fact sheets, tools and calculators designed to help you run a successful farm operation.

      The Latest News & Views

      Essential Freshwater Consultation

      yobet正网 + yobet电子游艺 New Zealand commissioned rural consultancy BakerAg firm to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the Government’s proposed freshwater policies and the economic impacts.

      Get involved

      Upcoming yobet电子游艺


      B+LNZ NSI FarmSmart Conference 2021

      Thu 24 June
      Addington Raceway, 75 Jack Hinton Drive

      The annual B+LNZ Northern South Island FarmSmart conference is one for the calendar. The half day event features an excellent line up of presenters and topics focused on the changing world in which we farm in.


      Elevate Yourself: Waitaki Farming Ladies' Long Lunch

      Tue 29 June
      Weston Hall, Main Street, Weston

      The Waitaki Farming Ladies Long Lunch is an inaugural event proudly brought to you by Lip Gloss and Gumboots with the support of yobet正网 + yobet电子游艺 New Zealand, the Otago Rural Support Trust, and FMG.


      B+LNZ Wormwise Workshop: Omihi

      Wed 30 June
      Omihi Community Hall

      This workshop presents the latest information and research on internal parasite control. It is divided into multiple sections dealing with worm biology, drenches and drench resistance.


      National Webinar: B+LNZ Referendum

      Wed 30 June
      Online webinar - join from home

      Join B+LNZ’s Chairman and Nicky Hyslop, Farmer Director for CSI to hear about B+LNZ’s work, what you’re voting on in the referendum, and have your questions answered.


      B+LNZ Taranaki Farming for Profit Seminar: Looking after your health and that of your livestock

      Thu 8 July
      TET Stadium

      These events will be run throughout the year aimed at giving you the tools to take control of your business including maximising on farm production, business planning and management skills, and helping you get the most out of yourself and your staff.


      Oamaru: B+LNZ Roadshow event with a focus on research and development

      Fri 18 June
      Oamaru Opera House

      Find out about key areas of B+LNZ’s levy-funded work, including R&D, and talk to B+LNZ leaders about what’s important to you.


      Inglewood: B+LNZ Roadshow event with a focus on Taste Pure Nature

      Mon 21 June
      Taranaki Electricity Trust (TET) Stadium and yobet电子游艺 Centre

      Find out about key areas of B+LNZ’s levy-funded work, including Taste Pure Nature, and talk to B+LNZ leaders about what’s important to you.


      Whanganui West Catchment Group Meeting

      Mon 21 June
      Mowhanau Hall

      Please join the Whanganui West Catchment Group for a meeting to discuss the establishment of the Whanganui West Catchment Group Incorporated Society.


      B+LNZ Ladies' Long Lunches: Whangarei

      Tue 22 June
      231 Tremain Road, Ruatangata, Whangarei

      The popular yobet正网 + yobet电子游艺 New Zealand Ladies' Long Lunch is coming to Northland over two days! Secure your spot now.


      The Dollars and Sense of Going Green: Wellsford

      Tue 22 June
      Wellsford Memorial RSA, 1 Olympus Road, Wellsford

      Identify opportunities on your farm to meet both national and your own environmental goals, while reducing costs and becoming more profitable.

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