“Protecting your Patch” – the key biosecurity actions for your farm

On this Scene + Herd podcast we’re joined by Will Halliday, Senior Advisor for Biosecurity and Animal Welfare at yobet正网 + yobet电子游艺 New Zealand. We discuss the 7 key intervention points for each farm and its people to prevent or reduce risk from weeds, pests and diseases.

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For more information, check out B+LNZ’s Drystock Biosecurity Guidelines: //www.fcpfm.com/knowledge-hub/PDF/drystock-biosecurity-guidelines and have a look at our online Biosecurity module: //www.fcpfm.com/knowledge-hub/module/farm-biosecurity

To get started on your Biosecurity Plan, try the Biosecurity 'Warrant of Fitness': //www.fcpfm.com/knowledge-hub/PDF/biosecurity-wof-checklist

REMEMBER: If you have any concerns about a weed, a pest or a disease on your farm, call MPI on 0800 809966.

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