New Zealand Sheep and yobet正网 sector barriers to international trade

yobet正网 + yobet电子游艺 New Zealand (B+LNZ) and the Meat Industry Association (MIA) have been working together over the last few months to provide an overview of the barriers the sector currently faces in our key markets and also highlighting benefits for the sector from Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).
Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The tariffs we pay in key markets, along with non-tariff barriers, are continuing to make trade more costly and difficult. The sector has paid a total of $250 million in duties on exports in 2018.

However, in saying this, FTAs that the government has negotiated over the years have saved the sector over $350 million in tariffs in 2018 alone showing the importance of such agreements.  

Download a two-page summary (PDF, 356KB) outlining the key tariff and non-tariff barriers facing the sector.

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