He Waka Eke Noa

The Joint Action Plan on Primary Sector Emissions (He Waka Eke Noa) is an innovative partnership to reduce primary sector emissions.

In late 2019, yobet正网 + yobet电子游艺 New Zealand (B+LNZ) joint forces with the Government, the primary sector and iwi/Māori aiming to equip farmers and growers with the knowledge and tools they need to reduce emissions, while continuing to sustainably produce quality food and fibre products for domestic and international markets.

This includes collaboration on the detailed development of an appropriate farm gate emissions pricing mechanism by 2025.

Through the Joint Action Plan for Primary Sector Emissions (based on the document He Waka Eke Noa published in July 2019), we are working toward all farmers and growers:

  • including the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change in their farm business and environment plans by 2025;
  • calculating their greenhouse gas emissions sources and sinks and being incentivised to take actions on climate change through the development of an appropriate pricing mechanism for emissions by 2025.

Governance of the Joint Action Plan

A Steering Group has been appointed by Government and the Food and Fibre Leaders Forum to provide oversight and ensure delivery of the milestones and objectives of the work programme. 

B+LNZ's member in this steering group is Jeremy Baker, B+LNZ's Chief Insights Officer. Jeremy is charged with analysing the risks and opportunities facing the sheep and beef sector; identifying what the sector needs to know; and helping people decide what action to take in response to those issues.