Workshops for farmers

Our workshops for farmers help farmers find solutions for their farm. With topics ranging from Environment Plans to Body Condition Scoring – there is something for everyone.

B+LNZ organise these hands-on workshops regularly, based on demand. Email your local Extension Manager or to express your interest.

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  • yobet正网 Cow Body Condition Scoring

This workshop provides the platform to bring together and discuss all the critical elements of condition scoring in beef animals and management applications throughout the farming year

  • Ewe Body Condition Scoring

This workshop demonstrates a quick, easy and low-cost management tool that compares sheep purely on condition.

  • Better yobet正网 Breeding

This workshop helps commercial beef producers and industry personnel make the best use of genetic information when purchasing bulls for breeding purposes

  • Better Sheep Breeding

This workshop has been developed to address the basic principle of assessing the genetic merit of the rams that farmers buy, to improve their ewe flock and lamb performance.

  • Growing great lambs

This workshop targets efficient lamb production and feed use, which ultimately translates into profit. Farmers will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their farm and hear from others.

  • FeedSmart

This workshop teaches participants to assess the quality of feed and estimate its metabolisable energy, plus introduces you to some handy tools. After the workshop, you will be able to manage pastures and stock feeding even better.

  • Wormwise

In this workshop the latest information and research on internal parasite control is presented. It is divided into multiple sections dealing with worm biology, drenches and drench resistance.

  • Farm Safety Management System

This workshop provides you with a Farm Safety Management System. This gives you a process for identifying and managing hazards and risks and 90% of your paperwork is already done.

  • Benchmarking Workshop

This workshop provides a hands-on approach to analysing your agricultural enterprise. Learn how to utilise information gathered to help make those all-important agribusiness decisions.

  • Farm Business transition and succession Workshop

A workshop series that takes farm businesses through the transition and succession of their farm business.

  • Farms, Trees and Carbon

This workshop focusses on the on-farm opportunities that the various grants and schemes (including One Billion Trees and the Emissions Trading Scheme) present. 

  • Freshwater

This interactive workshop will help to introduce you to some simple tools to measure key indicators of freshwater quality and ecosystems.

  • Winter grazing

This workshop brings together all the winter grazing resources developed in recent years around managing livestock and crops to minimise the environmental impacts of this practice.

  • Farm Environment Plans

Land Environment Plan Level 1, 2 & 3

In these workshops you will help you, future proof your farm. You will develop a full picture of the farm, allow you to identify Land Management Units its resources and create an ongoing plan that can be reviewed annually. This way you will progress every year, carry over any incomplete activities, and consider new issues if they arise.

Regional Farm Environment Plans

These workshops are specialised for the regional council areas of Canterbury, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, and Waikato. This workshop will help you work through the region-specific regulations and prepare your farm for the future.

  • Community Catchment Groups

Catchment Community Workshop

This Catchment Community Group Workshop will help your group identify your vision and start forming a plan to realise that vision. The workshop covers: the what and why of Catchment Community Groups, what makes groups tick?, Group structure, Forming a plan – The Catchment Action Cycle, The coordinator’s role, and Further resources and information.

Catchment Kickstart Funding

Each Catchment Community Group (CCG) displayed on the B+LNZ Catchment Map will be eligible to express an interest to receive kickstart funding. This funding is made available for the group to pay a B+LNZ trained Catchment Facilitator to develop a Catchment Action Plan and Catchment Story for the group.